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About the taster sessions

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1 hour information packed session introducing the basics of phonics. Including theory and many practical tips and resources for teaching your child/ren. What is phonics? Pre-reading skills, Multi-sensory learning / TPR, Vocabulary, Letter order (not alphabetical) and why, Letter recognition, Reading skills - decoding, blending, segmenting, High Frequency words, Blends, Digraphs, Reading sentences.

About the introduction sessions

Next session:  TBD

How do you start teaching your child to read? What is the sequence and how to make it interesting? What are blending and segmentation and what about comprehension? If you want these questions and more answered then join this course. Joy will systematically take you through the process of teaching your child to read. Lots of top tips will be shared and practical activities you can use with your child to make learning fun and interesting. Take the tears out of learning and enjoy the process.
The session will include a more in-depth look at: Pre-reading skills, Vocabulary, Letter order (not alphabetical), Reading skills, HF words, Sentences, Comprehension, Integration with the Fab Phonics programme, Online learning tips

About the certificate course

If you already know something about phonics or you want to ensure you are teaching your child correctly, then this course is for you. Joy will take you through a systematic programme, introducing you to a method which enables your child to read sentences within a few weeks. The Fab Phonics programme integrates learning letter sounds, blending, sight words and sequencing, to enable quick, meaningful progress. The programme also focuses on building vocabulary and understanding. Through 3 sessions of intensive training this course is a perfect blend of theory and practical ideas you can immediately use with your students.
Sessions include: How phonics relates to child development, Pre-reading skills, Letter order / recognition, Writing integration, Onset / rime / rhymes, Pronunciation, Decoding, Word families, Beginnings / endings, Digraphs / blends, double letters, soft c/g, c k ck ke, Vocabulary, Syllables, Suffixes / prefixes, Homonyms, Silent Letters, r / l controlled words, magic e

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About the trainer

Joy is the author of Fab Phonics, an innovative method of teaching phonics. There are currently 4 levels, including readers, worksheets and flash cards. Fab Phonics is available both as hard copy books and a fully comprehensive online programme. Over 100,000 children have benefitted from using this method.

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Management and teachers say that Joy is a talented communicator, especially the way she makes educational theories and concepts understandable, relevant and practical for teachers of all backgrounds.

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